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Behind Inner Potential...

... it's me and my story. My name is Aleksandra, I'm the head coach and founder of Inner Potential.

I moved to London 7 years ago to study Psychology and take part in exciting research projects. I was always passionate about human personality, hidden potential and links between body and mind. After completing BSc Hons in Psychology I was eager to learn more about mental wellbeing so I continued my University studies and completed a Masters in Health Psychology. During this time I was taking part in various coaching workshops and events to discover how I could put my knowledge into practice. It was at this point I realised that cognitive-behavioural coaching was linking everything that I loved about psychology so I decided to work hard towards making coaching my dream career path.

Coaching is not just a job to me. I truly enjoy working with people and helping them to discover their inner potential. It's empowering to watch others setting goals, facing obstacles and working consistently towards achieving their dream outcomes. It also feels good to know that I played a role in their journey.

How do I know that coaching works? First of all you can read some of my clients' testimonials to see what obstacles they overcame and how coaching changed their lives. But I can also share with you my personal experience. A few years ago, I found myself secretly binge eating to deal with stress. I wasn't proud of it so I kept it away from friends and family. Why? I didn't want people to look at me differently. When I totally lost motivation I reached out to a fellow life coach for support. Having someone who listened carefully, never judged but always empowered me was crucial to go back on track. It took me a couple of months to deal with binge eating. I then decided to challenge myself further so I set up some fitness goals for myself and managed to achieve them all with the help of coaching.

You know what's the best about coaching? You develop new skills and learn coping strategies which you can then apply to pretty much any problem. You become your own coach. And this is my aim, to equip you with tools to manage any future obstacles so you can feel confident to solve them all.

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