My Friday morning disaster…

How I love Fridays! Especially when I get to work from home! But not everything always goes as planned…

So I woke up today feeling in a mood to do something productive. I wanted to start working on my new e-book and finish planning my new coaching programme. I would say my motivation was 10 out of 10. Until I saw a very lonely John Lewis voucher sitting on my kitchen table… I KNOW !! I always tell my clients to find the strength to deal with more urgent tasks before they do something for pleasure. But this voucher was shouting my name!

So I opened John Lewis website. Before you start judging me, I had a good reason! Together with my husband we decided to purchase a water filter jug to save planet by not buying thousands of mineral water plastic bottles every month (we drink a lot…). So I placed in the basket my fancy water jug with some extra filters. I was just about to complete the order when I saw I still have £5 to use. Clearly I can’t waste it!! And this is where it all went wrong… I think I spent scrolling cheap and definitely not needed kitchen utensils for 45 minutes. And then it hit me. I WAS PROCRASTINATING… as hell….

I turned my computer and radio off, closed my eyes and really focused on my thoughts and feelings. You know why I was procrastinating? I was simply nervous to start writing new e-book. Why? It’s a time consuming task. You never know whether people are going to like it. You want to share your knowledge so badly that you get overwhelmed. Once I confronted those thoughts I managed to create a plan that wasn’t that scary. Step by step. This is why I love coaching strategies! They can rescue you from pretty much any situation.

Hope you had a chilled but productive day! I would love to hear about your Friday morning.

Have a lovely weekend all.



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