,,I started working with Aleks just over two years ago. I was in a bad place when I started, I had OCD, was highly stressed with my job and personal life, family relationships were damaged and I was truly unhappy with myself. Over the course of the two years I have learned how to manage stress, finally get rid of my OCDs, love and be kind to myself and analyse what makes me unhappy. Working with Aleks has given me the tools to recognise what I want, analyse and overcome stressful situations and most of all trust my instincts which are now finally clear.I have been able to make big decisions I never thought I would. 

She is very professional and her approach is always positive, I finished every session with more and more confidence in myself. It was an incredible life changing experience that I recommend to anyone. No matter how big or small the problem is, working on yourself is the best investment you can make. Thank you Aleks for a truly life changing journey.''

 Gloria, Events Director

''Before I started to work on myself with Aleksandra, I was constantly stressed, anxious and let's face it, I was close to being depressed. I was in an extremely toxic relationship and nothing seemed to go well or work as planned. I was afraid I was never going to be happy again as my situation seemed catastrophic. 

Working with Aleksandra has been absolutely amazing, being able to talk without ever being judged, being able to be my true self and letting go of my irrational fears and thoughts. After every session I felt like I was closer to my goals and I can honestly say that I feel like I am becoming the best version of myself. 

I am the most proud of the fact that I don't react to tough situations straight away and allow myself time to evaluate things and process them. Stress is almost gone and I don't let my emotions dictate my conduct anymore. I also learnt how to respect and love myself in so many ways.
To all those who consider signing up for Aleksandra's coaching programme I can only say don't be afraid, commit to it fully and listen to every piece of advice Aleksandra will give you, time will do the rest.''


Margaux, Store Director

''At the start of my coaching journey, I was struggling through a very challenging period at work and finding it hard to depersonalise various issues especially when employees attacked my values. This has been an amazing journey. I would recommend coaching sessions to women who are struggling with various issues within their working or personal life – especially in connection to the way we can often view ourselves.  If we view ourselves negatively this could have a detrimental effect on our resilience and mental health wellbeing.  Coaching helps to get to the core of these issues by helping you to identify them and devise and explore a variety of strategies and techniques to tackle them.''

                                                                                         Jacqui, Business Partner


,,I didn't know what to expect at first. It's not easy to talk to a stranger about relationships and love problems. But coaching helped me to understand that I had all the qualities I always wanted. I just needed to polish them. Aleksandra was very encouraging and non-judgmental. That definitely helped. I spent 3 months working on my confidence and developing social skills. It was definitely worth it. ''

Mark, IT consultant


'' The session on 'the power of mindset' was incredible! I really enjoyed challenging my thinking and trying out visualization. I learnt a lot! I think my favourite part was learning about 'thinking errors', who would have thought that we all think in a similar 'unhelpful' way! Great way to spend Saturday morning.'I'll be definitely joining future webinars.''

Caroline, Mum of 3

''Aleksandra had a fantastic approach to my son. She was patient, relaxed and very understanding. I think it helped my son to feel comfortable during home sessions as they didn't feel that official. They worked together for a few months on my son's anger issues. The results are amazing. He's a happy boy again and I feel like everything is going in the right direction. Thank you Aleksandra for your hard work.''

Sandra, Sales Assistant

''Aleksandra is a skilled and compassionate life coach who has helped me tremendously at work. I am working far more efficiently and enjoying work so much more. I would recommend her to anyone!'' 

Margaret, Casy Study Manager

''As a relatively new manager of a team, I lacked confidence in giving feedback and managing team dynamics. I have thoroughly enjoyed (and benefited from) my coaching sessions with Aleks. Aleks is understanding yet direct and has helped me navigate a range of work scenarios. I'm now confident to apply coaching questions and get the results I want.''

Claire, Team Manager

''Prior to meeting with Aleksandra I put a lot of pressure on myself in various aspects of the job, particularly those that weren’t necessarily within my control. The stress and worry caused by this made it difficult to approach much of my work clearly and systematically, with it all getting a bit bogged down in the things I didn’t have time to do. Coaching has been revelatory! Illuminating. Even if there were weeks I wasn’t sure I had anything specific to talk about, the whole hour still zoomed by and left me feeling more motivated by the end.

To those who are considering coaching with Aleksandra, absolutely do it! I feel we become so entrenched and rigid in our habitual ways of thinking, it’s almost impossible to identify this and break out of it on your own. A friendly voice to just pipe up here and there, suggesting occasionally that maybe you could look at situations differently, or perhaps you aren’t being entirely rational or objective (when you have long ago started presuming that you are, of course) can make all the difference.''

Carly - Wellbeing Project Officer